This blog is about my mother Maria.  She is a pretty exceptional woman.  She was born in 1925 and I can say with perfect honesty that nothing in her life ever came easy.  It isn’t realistic to try to describe her or her life in a few short paragraphs on an ‘about’ page. It will in fact take many writings to tell her tale.Maria Bernes - Summer of 2011

By and large this blog will deal with her story as it pertains to  suffering a stroke and the battle to be a stroke survivor as well as the ongoing battle to allowed the basic right to life and not being shunted off to a nice ‘safe place’ to wait to die.

An elderly stroke victim faces many obstacles to survival unrelated to their physical and mental status. An elderly stroke victim must face the issues of ageism and passive euthanasia and, increasingly, involuntary euthanasia, dysfunctional institutional health care models, health care spending cuts, service cuts and more.

When you are 86 and things go wrong, few decision makers in our health care system consider battling to live and live well a practical course of action.

It is a complicated story.  A story that can’t be delivered in chronological order because Maria…and all her family have been buried in the trenches for many months.

Read on if you’d care to learn about her battle…and a little about my journey as her Daughter, POA and Caregiver.


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